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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At Decor Art Gallery, we work with some of the most talented and creative artists in the world. Our mission is to provide art lovers with the opportunity to purchase unique and exquisite pieces of art from a variety of talented painters.

Ritchie Iwański

Canadian born artist Ritchie Iwański originally hails from Vaughan, Ontario and now resides in New York, New York. His self taught style of eye catching contemporary collage in combination with vintage authentic recycled clippings give his artworks a modern pop art flair. The focal point of each piece is like the cover of a book once you submerge into the pages you can really see how each art pieces story comes together. 


The feelings of nostalgia in the art work aim to transcend the viewer to a familiar reference point or introduce an icon to those open to learning about legend’s that shaped society and our modern world. 

This is what makes Ritchie’s artwork attractive to international collections/ collector.


Lindsey Leonard

Lindsey Leonard was born and raised in North Dakota, which is where she started making handmade greeting cards using various materials at the age of 9 and would sell them to family friends and at a local street fair. She is now based in New York City, which is where she turned her tiny one bedroom apartment living room into her art studio. She flips through magazine after magazine and uses different mediums to create bright pieces that creatively combine people and advertisements from 1930 to the present. She finds joy in cutting pieces out and collaging them together, which has become her peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Ahmer Kalam

Ahmer Kalam is an Pakistani-American award winning creative director. Best known for his iconic advertising campaigns for JPMorgan Chase & Marriott International, Ahmer is a two time Emmy nominee and has multiple pieces in MOMA’s permanent collection. 

Today, Ahmer’s work takes a different form. Through photography he creates landscapes that inspire a deeper connection with the self. “By creating space in our hearts and minds, we can start to see the vast and unending beauty that surrounds us,” says Ahmer. 


Ahmer’s landscape series is a collection from his travels around the world.

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